Our Team

Liz Florence

Owner & Director

Only 15 years in now, Liz is an industry leader. Her speciality is finding the light at the end of the tunnel with difficult issues.

Jordan Dinga

Strata Manager

Previously in sales and now completing a Property Degree at Curtin, Jordan might like property a little too much.

Ross Byrom

Strata Manager 

Concierge, turned Building Manager, turned Strata Manager, Ross knows the ins and outs of all the big buildings.

Shenae Gooley

Strata Management Admin

Shenae does all the work in the background with data entry, contractor compliance and the like.

Sophie Thomas

Public Relations & Marketing

Currently finishing her Commerce degree at Curtin University, Sophie is here to assist with everything media related. 


Team Stress Reliever 

Yes, we completed a pet application form before we brought him into the office.