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Our Team

Liz Preffered.jpg

Liz Florence


Founding Abode Strata in 2004, Liz is an industry leader. Her specialty is finding the light at the end of the tunnel with difficult issues. Liz has shown her ongoing support for our industry body, SCA (WA), and has now earnt the SCA Fellow Accreditation (Level4).

Jordan Dark.jpg

Jordan Dinga

Managing Director & Strata Manager

Joining Abode in 2015 Jordan was one of the first two people to complete the Cert IV in Strata Community Management in WA. Jordan holds a Degree in Property and Marketing and has a background in sales. He takes his role very seriously, but always tries to take the seriousness out of it.

Leigh prefered.png

Leigh Oliver

Senior Strata Manager

Leigh was the 2023 Winner of the SCA WA Strata Community Manager Award and will be advancing to the National Awards later in the year as the WA entrant in that category. She has a Cert IV in Strata Community Management, an honours degree and has achieved CSCM status. (Certified Strata Community Manager).


With a career in Strata dating back to 2013, Leigh has seamlessly transitioned through various roles, including positions as an Admin Assistant and Insurance Specialist. Notably, she played a pivotal role in crafting Abode Strata’s SMPS procedure manual, successfully navigating us to accreditation status.

Jess Green preffered.jpg

Jess Tait

Senior Strata Manager

Jess has amassed a wealth of expertise in strata management since embarking on her journey in the industry back in 2013, culminating in her tenure at Abode since 2019. Her passion lies in imparting her deep understanding of strata legislation and guiding Council members through their duties and obligations.


Recently, she was selected for the SCAWA Ignite Program, positioning her as a candidate to undergo Certification IV in Training and Assessment. This will equip her to lead the next generation of industry professionals through the Certificate IV in Strata Community Management, a role she eagerly anticipates diving into


Stacey Marks

Senior Strata Manager

Working in the property industry since 2007, Staceys portfolio previously has consisted of 60 schemes and 1,000 lots with schemes ranging in size from 3 to 264 lots. With certificates in IT, Business and Property Services, Stacey prides herself in having the necessary tools and copius experience for effective strata management. 


Sharon Shepeard

Administration Assistant

With a background in stockbroking, Sharon now works part time meticulously crossing our ts and dotting our is. The backbone of administrative tasks shes your go to person for organisng provision of documents and keys to all our clients be it owners, contractors and agents!



Team Stress Reliever

Yes, we completed a pet application form before we brought him into the office.

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