Abode Strata team specialise in offering a personalised and informative service to help you with your new development be it:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Mixed use

  • Small, Medium or High Density

  • Multi Layered Schemes 

Our highly experienced team has managed the development of complexes throughout Perth, Mandurah, Busselton and Dunsborough and  we are here to assure you that you will receive the best possible advice and service promptly.

Our Process

  1. Review the building plans/proposed strata plan/attend site and inspect the property.

  2. Provide comments on best practice management of common property/lots etc. for your property set up. It is normal practice these days to ensure that the strata has sufficient detailed governance and behavioural by laws such as Debt Recovery, Electronic Transactions, Quorum, Annexures to Property etc.

  3. Provide guidance on compliance responsibilities and required reports

  4. Review site for ongoing works and costs estimates/obtain an insurance quotation and other relevant costings in order to compile a budget.

  5. Create proposed budgets that work for all parties – for final approval by the developer.

  6. Arrange Insurance cover after building completion

  7. Set up your newly registered Strata Company ready for settlement

  8. Order Common Seal

  9. Draft First Annual General Meeting and produce meeting minutes after in order for dealing has been approved by Landgate and prior to sale of properties

  10. Provide secretarial services for section 43 certificates – sale of units

  11. Provide ongoing Strata Management

South Perth Apartments | Mill Point Road

Mill Point Road, South Perth 2006


Mill Point Road, South Perth 2008

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days from lodgement until in order for dealing and registration?

This varies immensely as the stage to get the Strata Plan to “In Order for Dealings” is dependent on Local Government and or Planning Department clearances.

Sometimes, the Surveyor may be waiting on funds/payment by developer and could refuse to send in a clearance letter until he is paid.

Once all these things are cleared and Landgate has not found any errors in the strata plan, then the strata may be placed In Order for Dealings. This is this stage where the strata plan may be subject to certain conditions that have to be completed to allow the A8 Application to be lodged. I.e. Lodgement of a Management Statement or closure of a Lane way, Removal of Encumbrances etc.

The time line can vary but from lodgement of the Strata Plan by the Surveyor it may vary from 2 to 3 months or longer, if there are problems before the Strata Plan is in order for dealing.

It also doesn’t take into account all the preceding approvals for the type of development with the Local Council and or the Planning Department. A concept plan and proposal to Local Government may see 12 months lead time before demolition of an old building and construction of a new building takes place.

How does the Innagural Meeting of the Strata Company work?

As per Section 49 of the Strata Titles Act of WA, the First Annual General Meeting of the Strata Company (all owners) “shall” be held within 3 months of the registration of the Strata Plan and include the following:

  1. First Annual General Meeting

  2. Adoption of common seal, plans and other information from the builder/developer passed onto the Strata Company (all owners)

  3. Incorporation of Proprietors

  4. Duties of Strata Companies

  5. Appointment of Council

  6. Levy of Contributions on Proprietors

What is required to be presented for selling the properties?

  1. Form 28 and 29
  2. Copy of the Strata Plan or the proposed Strata Plan
  3. Management Statement if applicable – some schemes elect to have a Management Statement rather than the typical Schedule 1 and 2 By Laws. A Management Satement is a specific set of guidelines/rulings/behaviours and may include plans of subdivisions adopted by your Strata Company which are lodged with your strata plan.
  4. Proposed Budget – see below table
  5. Some schemes may have future staged developments (these should be indicated in the Management Statement)