"We have employed Abode Strata to be the strata managers of a complex of townhouses in Shakespeare Street Mt. Hawthorn since 2011.


In the 6 years they have done their job without fail. Liz Florence and her staff have always been prompt in solving any queries raised by the council of owners and ensured the strata in always in compliance with strata rules. Abode Strata through their expertise have lifted the standard of the complex over this time and ensured owners have raised the standard of their units when required.


We believe this has ensured the value of our investment is maintained through regular upkeep and improvement. Each year the performance of Abode Strata is evaluated that owners are not only getting “value for money” but good professional advice. Every year they have been re-appointed.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Abode Strata as Strata managers. You would not be disappointed."

- Steve