Switching to Abode

Once you have decided to make the changes to our services we will follow the below process:

Firstly , we will see if you are on a fixed management term with your current contract. If this is the case and you are on a fixed management term, there are two choices of action.

A) Wait for the contract termination date and we will organise a time to collect the paperwork and keys from the prior agenct at the expiry date.

B) Pay off the current management fees and make the switch today!

***If you pick option B, we will manage the property free of charge for you***

  • We will assist you in organizing the termination of your current Strata Manager and their services – everything after this will be managed by us 

  • We will send you a management notice to state that we will be managing the property and will request that you complete our form for updating contact details -

  • We will manage the handover i.e. the collection of all up to date documents needed from your Strata Manager on the handover date. This will include the keys to common property areas.

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The advice within is general and has been prepared without taking into account any specific or personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

Please also note this general advice was provided prior to the new strata title amendments were proclaimed and will be updated in due course.

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