Small Community Incentives for Strata Corporations

Smoke-free housing results in a safer, healthier living environment for everyone. It has financial benefit, avoids potential legal liability for health problems caused by smoke drift, and is strongly supported by the community, including many smokers.  A smoke-free policy does not tell a person they cannot smoke; it simply restricts smoking to places where there is no health hazard to others.

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) now invites applications for grants up to $1,000 under ACOSHs Small Community Incentive Scheme.   The ‘Small Community Incentive Scheme’ provides funding to Strata Corporations to support the implementation of smoke-free by-laws at strata-titled properties.  This funding can be used for the development of the by-law and smoke-free signage. 

First round applications deadline is the 29th April 2016. For more information please visit

Please find below the Small Community Incentives guidelines and application form, for your consideration.

Application Form


We do not claim to have written or own this article. This is owned and written by acosh, the Australian Council on Smoking & Health.

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