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Updated: Mar 21, 2019

My Community is a sophisticated portal for council members, investors, owner-occupiers, residents and tenants. Here people can pay bills, view their statements, print old invoices, receive electronic communication, create events, chat on a community wall, view important documents and so much more such as:

  • Pay Levies via a secure payment gateway

  • View your Levy Statement

  • Raise and track maintenance requests

  • Raise and track service requests logged with your Strata Manager

  • View Community Documents

  • Communicate with other owners and tenants via a Community Wall

  • Create and view Events

  • Send and receive electronic notices

  • Receive great offers and promotions from My Community, your Strata Manager and local businesses

  • View and download

  1. AGM Notices

  2. Your Strata Plan

  3. Strata Company By-Laws/Management Statement

  4. Strata Company Policies

  5. Application Forms

  6. Strata Insurance Certificate of Currency

It has the ability to house absolutely any information that you feel relevant to your strata. We believe that this portal is the key to seeing that your site is provided the best opportunity to be a well-managed and harmonious community.

My Community is owned by it's parent company Urbanise. Urbanise is an emerging cloud platform for strata managers to enhance and extend the range of services they provide to the strata's they manage. This platform allows for things such as;

  • Identifying what systems in which buildings use the most energy, set targets, measure and verify the results of savings initiatives.

  • Monitor critical building systems remotely for early signs of failure and prevent breakdowns before they happen.

  • A collaborative way for your council to ensure the jobs get done.

We believe that by utilising the latest software systems we can educate and empower all owners, property managers and tenants on how there scheme operates and alleviate poor behaviour that typically occurs due to ill advice or lack of shared information.

As an owner in a strata property you and your registered tenants and property managers will receive a log in and password. To access the information on the web site owners will 'log in' using their personal Login ID and Password. When you first login, we recommend you change your password and update your personal profile. You can also set your communication preferences.

If you have forgotten your details, your username is your email and you can click forgot password in the following link

If this still doesn't work or you have any questions about any of this, you can email me at

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