Management Statements and By Laws

What are the Management Statement and By Laws?

Strata Companies manage their schemes by way of legislation; this being The Strata Titles Act of Western Australia and By Laws or a Management Statement, the latter being specifically drafted for your scheme.

Being an owner in a strata scheme, you are responsible for the actions of your property manager, tenant and their guest(s) and in doing so, ensure that you and your tenants abide by the by laws at all times. This is key to seeing that you and other owners investment is protected and a greater community spirit and sense of belonging is achieved

How do you know whether your Strata Company has By Laws or a Management Statement?

If you look at the first page of your strata plan there will be area that notes whether your strata plan has a management statement or by laws.

One of these would have been provided to you by the selling agent or at settlement by your conveyancer when you purchased the property.

Management Statement

Copies of the management statement can be purchased for a fee through Landgate, or your strata company.

By Laws

Following is a copy of the Standard Schedule 1 and 2 By laws.


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