"But the other agent will do it cheaper"

Strata Management fees represent what you believe your strata management service is worth, i.e. your quality of service, level of experience,ability to assist and provide advice,  recommendations and responding in a prompt manner. 

We will always get objections..."but the other agent will do it cheaper" - Mr Smith.  It's the way in which we respond that determines the results we achieve. Like a new management agreement!

Our response is simple, 

"Mr Smith, we are aware of the fees some other managers are charging, and they are aware what our fees are too!  At Abode we work up to a standard not down to a price.

  • Allowance for management fee

  • Do you have active council etc.

  • Is your property a survey strata plan

  • Property address

Typically these managers are either entering strata management and have minimal industry knowledge / experience and possibly no insurance cover or are managers who due to poor service and high attrition see the need to continually top up their portfolio.

Knowing they cannot compete with us on service to win your business, have discounted their fees and more than likely their  service levels/ level of staff experience which may or may not be a problem for you and your strata company

If however you are looking for a cheaper service, we offer a self-managed service for $X

Or you can complete this link "

If you are purely chasing the cheapest fee and not phased on the level of service there are people who may help. Bookkeepers and or new people coming into the industry are charging a very low fee, well under business costs. 

Noting that, these lower prices also come with lower skills and experience. Strata is a very complex industry and it does not require accreditation or indemnity insurances. We however, have chosen an association that requires an accreditation within the industry as we prefer the professionalism and security to pass onto our clients.

Comparing Abode to the lower fee providers is the same as comparing apples and oranges. Our fees are set in line with our service, knowledge and experience, as are theirs. A Well Managed Strata Community equals a Happy Strata Community.

Written by Our Director Liz Florence

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Please also note this general advice was provided prior to the new strata title amendments were proclaimed and will be updated in due course.

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