Our Services

Accounting Services

1. Establish and maintain required bank account(s)

2. Issue contribution notices

3. Pay creditors’ invoices on behalf of the Strata Company

4. Pay disbursements and expenses incurred in connection with the Strata Community Manager’s management

5. Keep books of account covering income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Strata Company

6. Provide financial reports as agreed

7. Provide statutory reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and contribution status report

8. Assist auditor in providing accounts and records for audit

9. Assist with preparation of administrative fund budget

10. Assist with preparation of reserve fund requirements

11. Record money received and deposit to the credit of the Strata Company



1. Agent or authorised representative - Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/brokers as per Schedule D (max 20 mins per claim)

2. Obtain quote as necessary for insurance renewal, submit to Council and renew insurances as instructed.

3. Community association renewals, issue renewals and levy notice for recommended cover to all lot owners. Pay premium prior to due date.


1. Maintain strata roll and minute book

2. Maintain correspondence file

3. Record and retain notices required under the Act

4. Maintain custody of common seal

5. Attend to routine communication as directed by Strata Company

6. Refer to Council correspondence, inquiries, complaints and requests for information from Proprietors, occupiers and others who may have dealings with the Strata Company



1. Prepare and distribute notices of standard AGMs

2. Attend AGMs held during business hours, one-hour duration.

3. Prepare and distribute minutes of AGMs

4 Submit a budget and financial statement to the AGMs as authorised by the Treasurer

5. Arrange venue for meetings (cost of venue to be borne by Strata Company)



1. Answer queries from the Council about By-Laws



1. Provision of after-hours emergency telephone service

2. Obtain quotes for and arrange for routine maintenance and repairs to Common Property, routine repairs are those that are scheduled within a contractor service agreement or by your strata company on a routine basis.



Additional Services

Agreed Services 

Council Meetings

1. Prepare and distribute notices and minutes of Council meetings

2. Attend Council meetings


Extraordinary General Meetings

1. Arrange venue for meetings (cost of venue to be borne by Strata Company) Prepare and distribute notices and minutes

2. Attend EGMs


Repairs and Maintenance

1. Arrange building inspections and reports on non-routine repairs. Non–routine are repairs that are not prior scheduled within a contractor service agreement or by your strata company on a routine basis.

2. Obtain quotes and liaise with suppliers re non-routine repair, maintenance, renewal or replacement of any form of Property

3. Supplier compliance. Monitoring/ Governance of Trades and services employed by the Strata Company.


Insurance – Insurers not within Schedule D

1.Administer claims and other activities involved in minimisation of loss, liaison with loss adjustors and other related activities after first 20 mins per claim

2.Prepare and lodge any claims relating to a lot which are not part of common property

3. Arrange insurance valuation as required



1. Prepare additional financial reports or reports to specific requirements

2. Debt Recovery, monitor and arrange for recovery of contribution arrears or other recoverable monies. Fees for this are either on charged to the Lot in accordance with the Cost recovery By Law for the property OR borne by the Strata company.

By-Laws and Legal

1. Prepare and issue initial notices to comply with By-laws. Instruct solicitor to draft and issue breach notices. Fees for this are either on charged to the Lot in accordance with the Cost recovery by law for the property OR borne by the Strata company.

4. Assist the Strata Company in the preparation of records for tribunal or court proceedings

5. Arrange drafting of By-laws, amendments to By-laws and By-law reviews by lawyer

6. Liaise with solicitors in accordance with resolutions and/or instructions of the Strata Company.

7. Arrange and lodge By-laws

8. Provide copies of By-laws to Councillors, Proprietors, residents and letting agents


Other Services

1. Arrange security and concierge services

2. Arrange building services

3. Arrange access for contractors

4. Manage a greater volume of inquiries from Proprietors than is reasonable

5. Arrange essential services such as fire safety and health

6. Arrange building condition surveys and scheduled maintenance programs

7. Arrange and supply archiving facility

8. Any other services (that are not Agreed Services) that can be provided by the Strata Community Manager including, but not limited to, hiring and management of Strata Company employees

9. Full Delegated Powers accepted by the Strata Company manager or where no active council. Amount shown in Agreement +50%

10. Strata Manager acting where there is no active Strata Council. Agreement + 100%.  

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The advice within is general and has been prepared without taking into account any specific or personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

Please also note this general advice was provided prior to the new strata title amendments were proclaimed and will be updated in due course.

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