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Strata Titles Act/ Regulations & Standard By Laws

Strata Titles Act of Western Australia

Strata Titles General Regulations 1996 

Strata Company Terms Used 

Strata Titles Act 1985 - Schedule 1 By Laws

Strata Titles Act 1985 - Schedule 2 By Laws


Lot Boundaries

Single tier strata schemes to which s. 3AB applies  

Alternative boundaries for lots in single tier strata schemes  


Strata Plan
Strata plan requirements               

Management Statement & By Laws

Management statement

By Laws Standard Schedule 1

By Laws Standard Schedule 2                


Strata schemes and survey-strata schemes- Creation of lots and common property
Alterations Structural erections, alterations and extensions restricted, strata schemes

Section 7  (excludes Lot in Strata scheme This section does not apply to a lot in a survey-strata scheme; or the erection of, alteration to or extension of a structure on a lot in a strata scheme if each proprietor of a lot in the scheme has in writing given approval to the erection, alteration or extension; and that approval, if subject to conditions, is given by each proprietor subject to the same conditions; and  a copy of each such approval is served on the strata company. 

Section 7 A (does not apply to a lot in a strata scheme)

Section 7B  Further provisions as to approvals for purposes of s. 7 and 7A 

Conversion of Lots into Common Property

Unit Entitlement

Common property  

Common Property Ownership               

Acquisition of additional common property

Transfer or lease of common property

Creation of easements and covenants

Encroachments treated as common property


Common Property Maintenance

Dividing Fence Process

Merger by resolution of buildings that are common property  

Application of this Subdivision

Resolution by strata company

Lodgement of notice of resolution for registration

Registration of notice of resolution

Effect of registration

Registrar of Titles to amend strata plan


Automatic merger of buildings that are common property  

Terms used

Application of this Subdivision

Automatic application of lot boundaries under s. 3AB

Plan to be noted

Objection by proprietor


Merger by resolution of land that is common property  

Application of this Subdivision 

Resolution by strata company 

Further provisions as to contents of resolution

Notice of resolution may be lodged for registration

Documents to accompany notice

Certificate of licensed surveyor

Transfers etc. to give effect to notice of resolution

Creation of easements for parking etc.

Registration of notice of resolution

Effect of registration

Registrar of Titles to make necessary amendments



Conversion of strata schemes to survey-strata schemes  

Division only applies to single tier strata schemes registered before 1 January 1998 


Resolution by strata company

Notice of resolution may be lodged for registration

Documents to accompany notice

Certificate of licensed surveyor

Creation of easements

Transfers etc. to give effect to resolution

Registration of notice of resolution

Effect of registration

Registrar of Titles to make necessary amendments

Management of Strata Companies

Incorporation of proprietors

Strata company is representative of proprietors in proceedings

Contract formalities  

Duties of strata companies 

Roll to be kept by strata company 35 A

Levy of contributions on proprietors

Certain provisions do not apply to companies for two-lot schemes

Certain provisions may be excluded for 3, 4 or 5 lot schemes

If in a 3, 4 or 5 lot scheme the Strata Company may by resolution without dissent, make a by-law to the effect to see in accordance with section 42(4) the following does not apply 35(1)(f) minutes of meetings, books of account, 35(1)(g) statements of account , 35(1)(g) receptacle for postal delivery, 35A(1)  roll of proprietors etc,  36(1)(g) fund for administrative purposes

Powers of strata company

Power of strata company to carry out work

Power of strata company to enter

Power to terminate certain contracts for services

Change of strata company’s address for service

Change of name of strata company


Schedule 1 Standard By Laws

Schedule 2 Standard By Laws

By-laws may provide for penalties

By-laws may provide for different basis for levying contributions

Supply of information and certificates by strata company


Strata Councils  

Functions of councils  

Corporate body may be chairman, secretary, treasurer or council member

Performance of functions where no council or no quorum

Restrictions on powers of expenditure

Recovery of books and records by council



First annual general meeting 

Voting at meetings

Disqualification from voting as proxy

Quorum for meeting of strata company for two-lot scheme

Relief where unanimous resolution or resolution without dissent required

Relief where unanimous resolution required for two-lot scheme

Performance of functions by proprietors in general meeting

Resolution without dissent

Special Resolution

Supplementary provisions to s. 3AC and 3B

Certain resolutions deemed to be resolutions without dissent or special resolutions

Unfinancial proprietors may vote in certain cases



Terms used

SCI 4 Stages of Building Defects Maintenance 

SCI Building Maintenance Inspection

SCI Cladding Demystified

SCI Contractor Management Systems

SCI Defects and Maintenance Register 

SCI Duty of Disclosure: Strata Insurance

SCI Guide to Risk Management of Cladding

SCI Handy tips to Simplify Claims Brochures

SCI Play it Safe with Asbestos

SCI Pest Control Brochure

SCI Water Damage can be Avoided

SCI Window Safety Checklist

SCI Workers Compensation

Insurance in single tier strata schemes  

Application of this Subdivision

Insurance for lots in single tier strata schemes

Insurance for common property in single tier strata schemes

Strata company’s obligations where it has an insurance function in single tier strata schemes

Recovery of premium by strata company or proprietor where no administrative fund in single tier strata schemes


Insurance in schemes other than single tier strata schemes  

Insurance of buildings and strata companies


Insurance provisions applicable to all schemes  

Where insurance cover refused, proprietor may be required to take action

Further insurance by strata company and actions by proprietor against strata company

Proprietor liable for increased insurance premium in certain cases

Insurance by proprietor

Proprietor may insure if strata company in default

Insurance of mortgaged lot

Insurable interest

Application of insurance moneys to rebuilding


Rates, taxes and charges  

Charges for water supplied   

Water service charges under the Water Services Act 2012  



Protection of purchasers

Terms used 

Information to be given to purchaser

Notifiable information, to be given by every vendor

Notifiable information to be given by original proprietor in certain cases

Vendor to inform purchaser of full particulars of notifiable variation

When purchaser may avoid contract

Effect of avoidance

Holding of deposit and other contract moneys when a lot is pre-sold

Contracting out prohibited



Lodgement and search fees payable 

SAT Orders


Dividing fences

Internal fencing

Notice of application for order under s. 28, 29 or 31

Service of documents on strata company, proprietors and others


Certain prescribed fees may exceed cost recovery

Maintenance access Section 12A

Strata forms

Management Dispute Resolution Policy


Resolution of disputes

Applications for orders  

How applications are made

Disputes procedures for scheme to be followed         

SAT may inspect certain records 

Notice of application to be given


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