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Update: Aquatic Facilities Reopening June 6 2020

As of June 6 2020, all pools and spa facilities in strata complexes are eligible to reopen within Western Australia. This comes after the implementation of WA's COVID-19 Roadmap within phase 3. Social distancing and good hygiene practices are still strongly encouraged and patrons must be aware of any mandatory signage and the maximum number of people when entering these facilities.

For more information visit the Department of Health FAQ site here.

Please also be aware that not all strata complex aquatic and gym facilities may still be open.

Pool Closures

There have of late been limited and mixed messages from both Federal and State Governments regarding whether certain facilities can remain open or not during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Department of Health (WA) has now provided information regarding Aquatic Facilities which will clarify any uncertainties and requirements for Aquatic Facility operators and owners.


The current requirements are that all Aquatic Facilities including swimming pools, float tanks, and spa pools are to stay closed until further notice with the primary intentions being to protect patrons and residents from the high and infectious COVID-19 virus and eliminating all potential risks. Hydrotherapy pools are exempt from these requirements due to providing a service for medical purposes, with the only condition being that there can only be two people in the pool at any time. 


During facility closures, the operator will need to ensure they maintain water quality as per the requirements outlined in Section 5 of the Code of Practice for Aquatic Facilities. The objectives of an operator should be to:

  • Ensure the water is properly disinfected at all times

  • Ensure water clarity is maintained and algae growth prevented.

  • Ensure the facility is secured and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons (e.g. children).

  • Keep logbooks up to date and record closures dates. 


Routine monthly water sampling and testing will cease until facilities reopen; please be reminded of your responsibility to inform the City prior to reopening the facility once the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the State and/or Federal Governments have announced that it is safe to do so. As an additional measure, you can place the enclosed notice (amend as required) in a visible location or distribute to inform your patrons/residents of the closure.

Notice to Owners

For information that you can provide to residents about updates on hygiene and common area use, download here.

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Pool Closure Resource

Please download the document here and make changes as need be for signage around your aquatic area at your property.